Kennedt's Shop Shop 1865 - 2015

Kennedy’s was founded in 1865 at 3 Sun Street by Alexander Kennedy who hailed from Dundee, Scotland.

He and his elder brother had originally started a men’s outfitters in Gillingham but he decided to start his own shop selling and making bespoke footwear. In 1870 he bought the freehold of 3 & 4 Sun Street using the dowry given to him on his wedding to a Miss J. V. Beasley of the local wool mongers and dyers family. He died while visiting family in Scotland for the New Year in 1900. His wife continued to run the business with her two sons and two daughters both of whom predeceased her, she dying in 1926.

The present owners father Harold Bickerton joined the business in January 1914 as Shop Manager at the age of 21. He like the brothers fought in the First World War returning in 1919. Mrs Kennedy ran the shop with her daughters during this time, on their return sons the eldest Bert decided that property development was the way forward and moved to Bexleyheath. After Mrs Kennedy death the younger son Montague continued running the business and having no family took Mr Bickerton into partnership he being joined in 1966 by his son Roger Bickerton.

The business is still a partnership the current Managing Partner being Mrs Debbie Howland who has been with us for over 20 years.

We are open:
Monday till Saturday - 09.00 - 5.30

Start Rite Childrens Shoes
1865 - 2016
For over 141 years Kennedy's has been an independant family run business, specialising in quality mens, ladies and childrens footwear.

We are a traditional shop and place a strong emphasis on achieving the highest standards of customer care and personal service.
We stock a large variety of well known brands in a wide range of sizes and width fittings.